Hotfix 17.5.5

Conclave Changes:

  • Increased the Vaykor Hek’s ammo pool in PvP.
  • Reduced the damage of the Mk-1 Paris’ quick shot in PvP.


  • Reduced enemy level scaling in Archwing Defense Missions.


  • Fixed an error preventing players from claiming pending Arcanes in their Foundry.  This fix works by reimbursing any pending recipes. You'll need to start the Arcane craft again after this hotfix.
  • Fixed the Virulent Scourge Mod dropping fully-ranked and in packs of 10 from Project Undermine Missions.
  • Fixed a Atlas’ Petrify having an unusual effect on the Eximus ice shield as per: https://forums.warfr...n-artic-eximus/
  • Fixed holograms created by Nyx’s Chaos becoming frozen as per: https://forums.warfr...d-to-be-frozen/
  • Fixed Mag’s Bullet Attractor becoming visually frozen as per: https://forums.warfr...raphical-issue/
  • Fixed the Liset’s jetstream visual FX sometimes not correctly displaying for players.
  • Fixed Ember’s World on Fire not playing a sound FX on cast.
  • Fixed a potential game freeze that could occur after using a Revive.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when viewing Abilities that have not been unlocked in the Arsenal as per:
  • Fixed players being able to use weapons while spamming Atlas’ Landslide.
  • Fixed the Sonicor’s reload audio FX not playing.
  • Fixed a typo in the The Jordas Precept Quest as per: https://forums.warfr...8745-de-please/
  • Fixed issues with the navigation marker when going through doors in the Orokin Void tileset.
  • Fixed a login issue affecting players with Kuria scans.
  • Fixed status icons on enemies disappearing when looking away and then back at an affected enemy.
  • Fixed the Lotus sending players transmissions about ‘incoming walkers’ in Archwing Missions.  Oh, that wacky Lotus!
  • Fixed various lighting issues that would appear on Corpus Spy Mission tilesets.
  • Fixed Sentinels showing as unranked at the End of Mission screen after they die mid-Mission.
  • Fixed Fusion Cores showing up in a Mod Search that doesn’t explicitly search for Fusion Cores.
  • Fixed the Conclave Affector ‘Showdown’ giving increased damage to non-secondary weapons.
  • Fixed the Conclave Affector ‘Overpowered’ not properly affecting players.


Hotfix 17.5.4


  • Reduced the scale of the Juggernaut so he can squeeze through tight spaces a little easier!
  • Removed 'the floppy bacon' behaviour of the Prime Pyra Syandana and improved physics on the Yamako Prime Scarf to be more 'metal' than 'cloth'.  
  • Renamed Secondary Weapon Conclave Mod from HIGH NOON to SHOWDOWN so it doesn't conflict with the Redeemer Stance.
  • Various sound tweaks and fixes for Corpus Modular enemies.
  • Difficulty tweaks to Archwing Interception: Reduced overall enemy count, tweaked enemy spec to cap max simultaneous count and spawn chance of various units.
  • Various lighting tweaks and polish passes on PBR Void.
  • Removed Juggernaut spawns from Jordas Golem bossfight.


  • Fixed enemies not doing anything in Defense missions.
  • Fixed Spawning issues in Exterminate missions.
  • Fixed Chroma and Equinox's Energy colour not properly affecting states in PvP matches.
  • Fixed Sonicor projectiles detonating from inside the wall of a Snowglobe.
  • Fixed the healthbars over enemies setting not saving your preference between logins.
  • Fixed the Stug primary fire shooting continuously and not using ammo.
  • Fixed uncharged Stug shots doing the same damage as fully charged when upgraded with multishot mods.
  • Fixed a progression stopper that could occur in Corpus Outpost Mobile Defense alert missions due to wrong level being used.
  • Fixed the Ack & Brunt slide attack not scaling the model while equipped.
  • Fixed the wrong quest diorama appearing upon completion of the Jordas Precept.
  • Fixed further issues with people unable to access the Jordas Precept quest.
  • Fixed various localization issues.


Hotfix 17.5.3


  • Atlas has had his Armor stat increased to 450.
  • Equinox's 4th Ability has had its energy drain-per-second changed from 5 to 3.5
  • Ramparts now only spawn in missions with level 15 enemies or higher.
  • Archwing Afterburner speed increased by 2x (default Spacebar to activate).


  • Fixed Nyx's Chaos Sphere augment not working at all.
  • Fixed Asteroid Mobile Defense missions not being completable.
  • Fixed Infested Rescue missions not being completable.
  • Fixed Mesa's Peacemaker now showing correct aiming UI for Clients.
  • Fixed Excavation missions not spawning enough power cell carriers.
  • Fixed the Arcane UI incorrectly showing 2 Arcanes in your inventory after Distilling an Arcane.
  • Fixed unreleased Mods appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed some Infested getting stuck on areas in the Infested Reactor room.
  • Fixed the Supra being unable to use the Rifle Ammo Mutation Mod.
  • Fixed Atlas's Tectonics toggling not always working as intended as per https://forums.warfr...ctonics-glitch/
  • Fixed Valkyr's Prolonged Paralysis pulling enemies significantly farther than intended.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing enemy levels.
  • Fixed various crashes.


Hotfix 17.5.2


  • Fixed the J3-Golem boss node not being replayable upon completion of quest.
  • Fixed unreleased Mods appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed Earth's atmosphere being abnormally bright in the star chart.
  • Fixed various crashes.


Hotfix 17.5.1


  • Fixed unreleased Prime items replacing drops in the Void and Derelicts.


Update 17.5: The Jordas Precept


New Quest: The Jordas Precept

Ordis is determined to help a fellow Cephalon overcome a ship wide Infestation, but can a Cephalon affected by Infestation be saved?  


This Quest can be obtained after unlocking Eris. If you do not have this planet, defeat Tyl Regor on Titania, Uranus to collect its Navigation Segment. Players that have Eris already unlocked can accept the Jordas Precept on their Codex.


The Jordas Precept requires players to hunt the elusive Infested Juggernaut, who only makes an appearance after slaying multiple Infested shortly after his signature roar...


  • New Boss: J-3 Golem
    • The J-3 Golem has received a major overhaul since its last appearance, and can be found after completing The Jordas Precept Quest.

    J-3翻修後重新登場,可以在完成Jordas Precept任務後找到它。


New Warframe: Atlas

Titan of stone, lord of the earthly elementals.  Atlas’ powers include:


  • Power 1 - Landslide: Bash enemies with an explosive sliding punch, repeat for a devastating combo.
  • 用拳頭打擊敵人,重複施放有連續技出現

  • Power 2 - Tectonics: Summon a rock-wall, activate again to send the rocks crashing toward the enemy.
  • 先召喚出一面石頭牆,再施放一次驅使石頭滾動攻擊直線上的敵人

  • Power 3 - Petrify: Fossilize foes with Atlas` hardened gaze.
  • 石化範圍內的敵人

  • Power 4 - Rumblers: Summon two elemental stone brawlers to the melee.
  • 召喚2名近戰石頭人


Archwing Polish & Additions:


New Game Modes

  • Archwing Mobile Defense:  Defend crashed satellites against waves of enemies in order to secure vital information.
  • 移動防禦: 守護墜落的衛星,對抗一波又一波敵人來保護重要的情報

  • Archwing Defense:  Defend two objectives from enemies as they attack from all sides within the heart of a damaged Corpus ship.
  • 防禦: 從敵人手中守護2個重要物品,他們將會從四面八方進攻這個損毀的Corpus飛船

  • Archwing Missions have been adjusted on planetary nodes to better reflect the level range and difficulty of each Planet.
  • 任務調整成更符合反應每顆行星的難度和等級範圍

  • Archwing Mobile Defense has been added to the following planetary nodes:


    • Grineer on Earth, Erpo
    • Corpus on Mars, Syrtis
    • Grineer在地球Erpo,Corpus在火星Syrtis

  • Archwing Interception Missions have been given a slight redesign, grouping points closer together with increased debris to fight around.
  • 攔截任務小幅度調整,縮短點與點的距離而且增加了太空碎石的數量

  • Enemies will now be marked as targets on the main HUD, and targets out of LOS will display the direction of their approach along the edge of the screen.
  • 敵人現在能被標記在HUD上了,視野外的敵人會在邊緣標識其移動的方向

  • Afterburner: Pressing the ‘jump’ button while boosting will cause the Archwing afterburners to kick in, giving players a significant speed increase.
  • 噴射引擎: 按下跳躍鍵的加速飛行速度明顯提升

  • Players can now rebind up / down movement keys for Archwing gameplay.
  • 現在能夠設置Archwing的上/下移動按鍵

  • Made various improvements to audio FX while in Archwing Missions.
  • 提升任務內的音效

  • Asteroids can now drop resources and loot upon being destroyed.
  • 小行星打爆後會噴材料

  • Players can now find loot crates in Archwing Missions.
  • 箱子出現

  • Archwings now passively regenerate Energy.
  • Archwings能夠被動的回復能量了

  • Affinity sharing with Squad members while in Archwing has been increased.
  • 提升與隊友共享的經驗值


New Enemies

  • Modular Corpus Enemies:  These enemies have a wide range of visual appearances, including weapons and powers.  While the design of the following enemies are different from afar their core powers are as follows:

      模組化Corpus: 這些敵人有著不同種類的外觀,包括武器和力量,不同的類型有著以下不同的力量

    • Fog Comba:  Disrupts Perception powers
    • Fog Scrambus:  Disrupts Perception powers
    • 感知干擾

    • Nul Comba: Disrupts Buff and Debuff powers
    • Nul Scrambus: Disrupts Buff and Debuff powers
    • 增益消除,減益施加

    • Sap Comba: Disrupts Damage powers
    • Sap Scrambus: Disrupts Damage powers
    • 減少傷害

    • Slo Comba: Disrupts Mobility powers
    • Slo Scrambus: Disrupts Mobility powers
    • 減少移動速度

  • Mutalist Lightning Carrier: Carries Lightning Crawlers
  • 雷電攻擊

  • Mutalist Toxic Carrier: Carries Toxic Crawlers
  • 毒素攻擊

  • Attack Mutalist: Fires infested spores
  • 火焰攻擊


New Weapons and Mods


  • Tekko: These iron fists that rip through foes with each strike are Atlas’ signature weapon.
  • 近戰武器Tekko: 鋼鐵拳頭撕裂敵人,是Atlas的招牌武器

  • Convectrix: When its twin-lasers converge on a target a circuit is created, frying the subject.
  • 主武器Convectrix: 兩條雷射在敵人身上完成架構後,炸翻他

  • Sonicor: Blasts targets with a massive wave of sonic energy.  Reported results to be: ‘very satisfying’.
  • 副武器Sonicor: 使用巨大的聲波能量炸翻目標,測試報告的結果是"非常滿意"

  • Phaedra: Devastate free-space enemies with Phaedra, the Soma’s big-sister.
  • 空戰主武器Phaedra: Phaedra毀滅所有空間的敵人,她是Soma的姐姐

  • Kaszas: Become an angel of death with this Archwing scythe.
  • 空戰近戰Kaszas: 死亡的使者Archwing鐮刀

  • New Stance: Gaia's Tragedy: Slow, powerful strikes.
  • 新的姿態Gaia's Tragedy: 緩慢,但是強大的打擊


New Customizations


Air Support and Landing Craft Customization


  • Players can now call in support from their Landing Craft mid-Mission via Air Support Charges.


    • Air Support Charges effects are unique to each Landing Craft.
    • 空中支援的能力每艘都不一樣

    • Air Support Charges can be constructed in the Foundry and equipped in the Arsenal under Gear.
    • 空中支援在鑄造廠裡面建造,並且裝備在物品欄

    • Air Support Charges have a 10 minute cooldown between each use.
    • 空中支援有10分鐘冷卻時間

  • Players can now customize their Landing Craft and Air Support via the Options Menu under Equipment -- Landing Craft.
  • 玩家現在能夠在選項裡面自定自己的登陸船和空中支援了

  • Players will first need to construct the Landing Craft Segment in their Foundry, enabling them to construct Landing Craft and Air Support Charges.
  • 玩家首先要在鑄造廠做出登陸船模組,裝上之後才能製作登陸船和空中支援補充包

  • Landing Craft Segment: Allows construction of Landing Craft and Air Support Charges in the Foundry.
  • 登陸船模組: 允許製作登陸船和空中支援補充包

  • Landing Craft Mantis:  Features the Air Support: Team Health Restore.
  • 登陸船Mantis: 空中支援能力:團隊血量回復

  • Landing Craft Liset: Features the Air Support: Cipher.
  • 登陸船Liset: 空中支援能力:解碼器

  • Bajada Mantis Skin A unique skin for the Mantis landing craft.
  • Gloam Mantis Skin: A unique skin for the Mantis landing craft.
  • Oscuro Mantis Skin: A unique skin for the Mantis landing craft.
  • Skin 3連發


General Customizations


  • Gersemi Valkyr Skin: Before Alad V, before the experiments, there was Gersemi Valkyr.  This unique Skin will only be available for 14 days.
  • 女武神尾巴外觀,限時14天

  • Igaro Syandana: This wing-like syandana invokes the beauty and agility of the Ceresean Butterfly Sparrow.
  • Opulas Robe: An opulent display of privilege for the Corpus elite becomes a trophy for the Tenno who fight them.
  • 披風2連發

  • New Syndicate Handshake emotes.
  • 集團握手動作

  • Players can now toggle the Meditate Emote.
  • 現在可以開關冥想動作


New Arcane Foundry Button


A new button for Arcanes has been added to the Foundry, next to the Components button.  This menu will allow players to sort through their installed and uninstalled Arcanes in a much more organized fashion.






  • Arcane Distiller cost reduced to 50,000 standing.
  • 賦能萃取器降為5萬集團聲望

  • Installing and distilling Arcanes is now done instantaneously.
  • 瞬間完成賦能的安裝和拆除


Conclave Changes and Fixes


  • Trinity, Nova, Loki and Banshee can now be used in Conclave.
  • Trinity, Nova, Loki, Banshee可以用了

  • New Map: Corpus Core added to Annihilation and Team Annihilation game modes.
  • 新地圖: Corpus核心殲奪及團隊殲奪

  • New Mods available for purchase from Teshin:


    • Searing Leap - At Max Energy, +20% to Bullet Jump and +60 Fire Damage
    • 滿能量時,+20%旋身飛躍和60火焰傷害

    • Rime Vault - At Max Energy, +20% to Bullet Jump and +60 Freeze Damage
    • 滿能量時,+20%旋身飛躍和60冰凍傷害

    • Voltaic Lance - At Max Energy, +20% to Bullet Jump and +70 Electrical Damage
    • 滿能量時,+20%旋身飛躍和70電擊傷害

    • Venomous Rise - At Max Energy, +20% to Bullet Jump and +10 Poison Damage
    • 滿能量時,+20%旋身飛躍和10毒素傷害

  • Alert system that applies Affectors to a random game mode for a limited time. Possible Affectors can be:
  • 警報系統現在會觸發影響器產生隨機效果一段時間,可能的影響器類型有:

  • High Noon - Increased Secondary Weapon Damage
  • High Noon - 增加副武器的傷害

  • Intensify - Increased Ability Damage
  • Intensify - 增加能力伤害

  • Martial Law - Increased Melee Damage
  • Martial Law - 增加近戰傷害

  • Energy Flux - Increased Energy Gain and Pickup
  • Overpowered - 以上都有

  • The Obex, Dual Ether Daggers, Vaykor Hek and Ankyros series can now be used in Conclave.
  • Obex,雙蒼穹匕首,集團Hek和甲龍雙拳現在能用了

  • All Dual Wield melee weapons are now available in Conclave.
  • 所有雙持近戰武器都能用了

  • All Machete melee weapons are now available in Conclave.
  • 所有大型砍刀類武器都能用了

  • There are now two daily challenges per game mode and progress can be made simultaneously.
  • 每種遊戲模式都能夠完成2個挑戰任務了

  • Kill Streaks have been reduced to 3/6/9/12.
  • 連殺數降低為3/6/9/12

  • Players on kill streaks are now announced in Killfeed.
  • 玩家的連殺現在會公佈

  • Reduced the experience gained from Cephalon Capture from 5k to 2k.
  • 中樞捕獲的經驗從5000降到2000

  • Reduced the damage of the Furax weapon series in PvP.
  • 降低Furax拳套的傷害

  • Reduced the damage of the Ninkondi in PvP.
  • 降低Ninkondi(雙節棍)的傷害

  • Reduced the damage of all staff weapons in PvP.
  • 降低所有棍類武器的傷害

  • Reduced the melee slam radius of Heat Sword, Dual Heat Swords and Dex Dakra in pvp
  • 降低烈焰劍,烈焰雙劍,週年版達克拉的揮舞範圍

  • Reduced the damage of the Braton series in PvP.
  • 降低布萊頓系列的傷害

  • All weapons now have individual ammo pools.
  • 所有武器有自己獨立的彈藥池了

  • Kulstar damage increased in PvP.
  • 增加殺星的傷害

  • Penta series damage increased in PvP.
  • 增加Penta系列武器的傷害

  • Angstrum damage increased in PvP.
  • 增加Angstrum的傷害

  • Reduced the distance of Bullet Jump in PvP.
  • 降低旋身飛躍的距離

  • Reduced the damage of Bullet Jump Launch in PvP.
  • 降低旋身飛躍的傷害

  • Energy Gain rate has been reduced in PvP.
  • 降低能量回復速度

  • Melee Auto Target angle reduced in PvP.
  • 減少近戰自動鎖定的角度

  • Channeling Energy cost reduced from 10 to 5 in PvP.
  • 導引能量消耗從10到5

  • Increased the damage mitigation of dodge in PvP.
  • 增加翻滾減傷的效果

  • Shield regeneration delay increased in PvP.
  • 增加受傷後回復護盾的延遲時間

  • Reduced the radius of channeled explosions from Glaive projectiles in PvP.
  • 減少飛盤類投擲武器的爆炸範圍

  • Damage reduced on Oberon’s Smite projectiles in PvP.
  • 減少Oberon 1技傷害

  • In team game modes, Warframe and weapon energy colours are now team based.
  • 在團隊模式中,統一小隊戰甲和武器的能量顏色

  • Energy pickups reduced in Corpus Gas CTC map.
  • 減少Corpus場景中能量獲得的地方

  • Nyx will now drop the Cephalon when using Absorb.
  • nyx用4的時候會掉落中樞


Warframe Changes

Toggled Abilities and Energy Drain:  The following adjustments have been made to Abilities that can toggle on or off with the intention of making each Ability more rewarding to use in a wider range of scenarios.  We will continue to monitor the balance of all Toggled Abilities after launch.


  • Duration Mods now have an effect on toggled Abilities.


    • For example: Mods that added 100% duration will make a 10 Energy drain become a 5 Energy drain.
    • 例如100%的持續時間可以使能量消耗10的技能降低到5

  • Drain-Per-Second and other adjustments has been made on the following Toggled Abilities:


    • Chroma’s Spectral Scream now drains 3 Energy.
    • Chroma 1現在每秒消耗3能量

    • Chroma’s Elemental Ward’s Electric elemental discharge effect is now affected by range Mods instead of strength Mods.
    • 電擊系Chroma 2的傷害不再受強度影響而是受到範圍影響

    • Chroma’s Elemental Ward Poison holster and reload speed are now affected by duration Mods instead of strength Mods.
    • Chroma 2的切換武器和換彈速度不再受強度影響而是受到持續時間影響

    • Ember’s World on Fire now drains 3 Energy and has had its maximum duration removed.
    • Ember 4現在每秒消耗3能量並且移除持續時間

    • Equinox’s Rest & Rage has had its base range doubled.
    • Equinox 2的基礎範圍現在是原本的兩倍

    • Hydroid can now recast Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm with no cooldown.
    • Hydroid 1和4取消冷卻時間

    • Nyx’s Chaos no longer has a cooldown, and enemies affected by Chaos cannot be stunned by additional casts.
    • nyx 3取消冷卻時間,對敵人重複施法不會有作用

    • The minimum energy cost of an Ability cannot go below 25% of the base cost.
    • 最高75%能量效率


General Warframe Changes:


  • Mesa’s Peacemaker now roots Mesa in place while creating a focus ring on the HUD.

    Mesa 4現在是一個專注的環狀射擊

    • Pressing Fire will have Mesa automatically attack all enemies inside the ring, and each enemy slain will decrease the radius of the ring while increasing Mesa’s damage dealt.
    • 按住開火按鈕會自動攻擊環內的敵人,當打死敵人後環會變小但傷害會提升

    • While in Peacemaker players can look in any direction.
    • 開啟4的時候還是能看任何地方

    • Range Mods will affect the size of Peacemaker’s ring.
    • 範圍mod會影響環的大小

  • Valkyr has received the following changes to her Ability powers:
  • Valkyr能力的改動

  • Ripline now has increased animation speed and vertical boost.
  • Valkyr 1提升動畫速度和垂直加速

  • Ripline now has reduced energy cost and increased damage for each time cast.
  • Valkyr 1減少能量消耗且每次釋放會提升傷害

  • Ripline will now soft-lock onto enemies.
  • Valkyr 1會鎖定敵人

  • Valkyr’s HUD will now display the window of opportunity to recast Ripline at lower cost .
  • Valkyr 1會使HUD顯示機會視窗讓玩家以較少的能量再施放一次

  • Hysteria can now be quickly toggled on/off.
  • Valkyr 4現在能手動開關

  • Hysteria now receives buffs from the player’s melee weapon Mods.
  • Valkyr 4現在​​受到近戰武器MOD的影響

  • Valkyr now passively has 50% knockdown recovery speed and no heavy landing.
  • Valkyr現在被動50%擊倒回複速度和沒有著地硬直

  • Overhealing from Equinox’s Mend will now restore shields.
  • Equinox 陰4現在能夠回護盾了

  • Switching between forms with Equinox has been reduced to a 1 second delay.
  • Equinox 切換形態延遲降低到1秒

  • Only two clones from Mirage’s Hall of mirrors now fire projectiles.  This change has been made in order to help improve performance issues.  Damage has been increased on the remaining clones to compensate.
  • Mirage現在只有2個分身能夠發射投射物,但相對的也提升了分身傷害,這個改動是為了提升系統性能

  • Mag's Pull now requires an open path to affect targets -- resources and enemies can no longer be pulled through walls or closed doors, but enemies can still be pulled out of cover and behind obstacles.
  • Mag 1現在不再能夠穿過牆壁或者關著的門拉到資源和敵人,但仍然可以把敵人從掩體後面拉出來

  • Zephyr's Tailwind will no longer have a 'power in use' error between casts.
  • Zephyr 1不再出現"技能正在使用的錯誤"

  • Nyx's Psychic Bolts now have a chance to Radiation Proc enemies.
  • Nyx 2現在有機率會讓敵人觸發輻射


Mission Changes and Additions

  • The Uranus Underwater Lab tileset has been expanded:


    • Spy Missions have been added to Umbriel and Rosalind, complete with its own unique tileset and Spy Vaults.
    • 間諜任務加到Umbriel和Rosalind,並擁有獨特的地形和房間

    • Additional tiles have been added to further expand Underwater Sealab tileset.
    • 新增水下地形

  • Mobile Defense Missions have been added to the following planetary nodes:
  • 以下地圖加入移動防禦任務

  • Grineer Forest on Earth, Eurasia
  • 地球 Eurasia

  • Corpus Ship on Venus, Aphrodite
  • 金星 Aphrodite

  • A new Orokin Derelict Mobile Defense Key is available in the Market.
  • 新的遺跡移動防禦鑰匙可以在商店裡購買了

  • Caches and a new reward table have been added to Hive Missions.
  • 清巢任務加入資源箱和新的獎勵表

  • The HUD has been updated to show more objective information in addition to caches.
  • 升級了HUD來顯示更多的物品訊息還有資源箱

  • Tumor nodes will now display on your minimap with the Enemy Radar Mod equipped.
  • 偵敵雷達現在會顯示腫瘤點

  • Infested Lasers, Magnetic Clouds and Spore Clouds now ignore Kubrows and Sentinels.
  • 狗狗和守護不會受到感染雷射,磁力雲和毒霧的影響

  • Hive Missions have received the following updates:
  • 清巢任務現在有了以下的改變

  • The Infested Juggernaut will now spawn more frequently on Eris Survival Missions.
  • 主宰現在會更頻繁的在鬩神星生存任務中出現



  • The following improvements have been made to player-created Waypoints:


    • Player-created waypoints will now disappear for each squad member individually once the marked objective has been retrieved.
    • 標點(G)會各別的消失當你吃掉他

    • Waypoints will now display the name of a Mod when placed on a Mod.
    • 標點(G)會顯示MOD的名字當你G在一張MOD上

    • Waypoints will now display the name of a resource when placed on a resource.
    • 標點(G)會顯示資原名當你G在一顆資源上

    • Waypoints have been given a unique symbol for Syndicate Emblems and Kuria.
    • 標點(G)會有一個特別的符號當你G在集團狗牌和貓罐上

  • Players can now view their Abilities when affected by Mods by using the ‘View Stats With Mods’ button in the Arsenal, under Abilities
  • 玩家可以在能力選單下面的"View Stats With Mods"查看當前戰甲經過MOD增減益後的數值

  • A new ‘Show Health Over Enemies’ option has been added to the Options Menu, under HUD.
  • 選項中新增一個功能"Show Health Over Enemies"(在敵人頭上顯示血條)

  • Reduced the Simulor’s screen shake effect.
  • 減少Simulor(漩渦槍)晃動效果

  • Many Corpus environments, objects and materials have been given the PBR treatment!
  • Corpus場景的物體與材質賦予物理渲染效果

  • Many Orokin environments, objects and materials have been given the PBR treatment!
  • Orokin場景的物體與材質賦予物理渲染效果

  • The Angstrum has received the PBR treatment!
  • Angstrum有了物理渲染效果

  • Slightly increased the ambient audio FX on Earth’s forest tileset.
  • 稍微增加了地球森林的音效效果

  • Frozen enemies will now shatter instantly after they die.
  • 被冰凍的敵人死亡時會立刻的爆成碎冰

  • Decreased the audio of weapon fire as fire-rate increases.
  • 當開槍速度增加的時候減少音量

  • Added additional alarm consoles to Rescue Missions on Europa.
  • 增加歐羅巴救援的控制台數量

  • Players can now skip the crafting stages of the Hidden Messages Quest if they already have built a Mirage.
  • 當玩家已經有Mirage後可以略過"被隱藏的訊息"任務中的製作戰甲階段

  • The Kubrow incubator will now display gender and breed type on hatching.
  • 孵化器現在會顯示正在孵化庫柏的性別和品種

  • Clan Tiers can now be seen by Alliances on the Alliance Management screen.
  • 氏族的階層現在可以被顯示在聯盟的管理畫面上

  • Made various audio improvements to projectile impact killing blows.
  • 現在有多種被投射物擊殺的音效

  • Noru Prime Syandana has been given the PBR treatment and has more customizability.
  • 賦予Noru Prime Syandana披風物理渲染效果和更多染色位置

  • Sound Obstruction Occlusion: Improvements have been made to make audibly tracking enemies behind environmental objects or walls much easier.
  • 音量阻塞: 隔著物體或者牆可以更容易追蹤到敵人的位置



  • Fixed all players in a Void Defense Missions failing immediately when the keyholder or Host extracts after 5 waves.
  • 修正於虛空防禦5波後玩家在鑰匙人或者主機脫離時立即失敗的問題

  • Fixed general issues on Zipline parkour movement.
  • 修正繩索跑酷的問題

  • Fixed an incorrect texture on a grate in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • 修正在Grineer水下SEALAB地形一個不正確的水溝蓋紋路

  • Fixed a visible hole in the wall of the Sabotage Pump Room of the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • 修正在Grineer水下SEALAB地形中的灌水房牆上有一個明顯的洞。

  • Fixed unranked weapons showing a full exp bar in Missions.
  • 修正無等級武器在任務中顯示滿級的問題

  • Fixed a camera not adjusting properly when players move between their Warframe and Archwing mode mid-Mission.
  • 修正當Warframe和Archwing在任務中切換的時候,視角沒有正確的調整的問題

  • Fixed sessions hosted by pending friends (not accepted to list) showing up in your available sessions panel.
  • 修正當好友申請未通過的玩家會顯示在可以加入的遊戲列表裡面

  • Fixed a portion of the minimap that would disappear on the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • 修正在Grineer帆船地形中小地圖的一部分會消失

  • Fixed some NPC behavioural issues that caused Drone enemies to become stuck.
  • 修正一些NPC的行為會造成無人機卡住的問題

  • Fixed the bloom FX on Spira / Kunai weapons making it too difficult to aim through the glare.
  • 修正Spira/Kunai會因為特效太亮眼而瞄不到人的問題

  • Fixed melee attack speed Mods affecting other unrelated animations.
  • 修正增加近戰速度的MOD會影響其他動畫的問題

  • Fixed a duplicate entry for the Lanx in the Codex.
  • 修正在資料庫中鯊魚重複的問題

  • Fixed players being unable to properly scan Common and Uncommon Corpus storage containers.
  • 修正玩家不能掃描普通罐子和稀有罐子的問題

  • Fixed Excalibur and Valkyr not receiving credit for kills from Exalted Blade and Hysteria respectively.
  • 修正Excalibur 4和Valkyr 4殺怪拿不到錢的問題

  • Fixed players experiencing a loss of functionality after trying to equip Emotes in the Arsenal.
  • 修正玩家在軍械庫裝備表情後會喪失一些功能

  • Fixed Toxin Injectors in Grineer Sabotage Missions displaying flickering lights for Clients.
  • 修正客戶端在Grineer破壞任務中毒素注射器閃爍不定的燈光問題

  • Fixed some players being mistakenly recognized as Grandmasters as per: https://forums.warfr...32-grandmaster/
  • 修正玩家被誤認為是大宗師的問題

  • Fixed weapon skins not properly attaching to the Cestra and Dual Cestras.
  • 修正Cestra and Dual Cestras沒有正確的換上外觀的問題

  • Fixed the Cestra’s barrel not properly sitting in the correct position after a reload.
  • 修正Cestra的槍管在換彈後沒有回到正確的位置的問題

  • Fixed the ‘Remove Grineer Toxin’ text that appears near the objective in Earth Sabotage Missions being obscured by the environment.
  • 修正地球破壞任務中的提示文字幾乎被環境蓋掉的問題

  • Fixed Defense Points in Defense and Mobile Defense displaying when players have named enabled.
  • 修正在防禦和移動防禦中當玩家開啟"顯示玩家名稱"後的防禦點顯示問題

  • Fixed Spectres not properly displaying names when players have names enabled.
  • 修正魅影無法正常顯示名字當玩家啟用"顯示隊友名稱"的問題

  • Fixed players being able to leave the Jackal boss room mid-fight.
  • 修正玩家可以於金星打王中離開他的房間的問題

  • Fixed some improper textures near doorways in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • 修正Grineer水下地形出入口附近一些不正確紋理的問題

  • Fixed a visible line in the water after the pump room has been filled in Sabotage Missions on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • 修正Grineer水下地形破壞任務的灌水房於灌滿水後在水中可以看到線的問題

  • Fixed Chroma’s Fire Elemental Ward allowing multiple heals each time they enter the aura.
  • 修正火焰系Chroma 2可以讓對友每次進入靈氣範圍後重複治療的問題

  • Fixed enemies not being properly alerted after being hit with a finisher attack.
  • 修正終結攻擊後旁邊的敵人不正確地進入警戒的問題

  • Fixed minimap markers and effects remaining on screen for already-obtained pickups after a Host Migration.
  • 修正主機遷移後小地圖標記殘留在螢幕上

  • Fixed objective markers not pathing properly in Void Defense Missions.
  • 修正虛空防禦任務玩家到標記目標的路徑不正確

  • Fixed no minimap appearing in the fountain room in the Void tileset.
  • 修正虛空地形中在噴泉的房間不會出現小地圖

  • Fixed certain parkour maneuvers causing player’s weapons to become holstered.
  • 修正滑砍造成玩家的武器被收起來

  • Fixed Bullet Jump retaining the elemental damage of Mods that had been removed.
  • 修正旋身飛躍元素版不小心被刪除

  • Fixed a potential error that would occur when Infested Leeches would attach to a player.
  • 修正被感染的水蛭黏到玩家會出現潛在錯誤

  • Fixed the Castanas being unable to destroy rotating laser traps in the Void.
  • 修正Castanas無法摧毀在虛空的旋轉雷射小球球

  • Fixed Void Vor being unable to be hit by radial damage or melee damage.
  • 修正虛空Vor不會受到範圍傷害和近戰傷害

  • Fixed the Jackal’s legs not properly taking damage from radial damage.
  • 修正金星王的腳不會受到正確的範圍攻擊

  • Fixed Lephantis’ stage 2 form not being able to be damaged from radial damage.
  • 修正遺跡王第二階段不會受到範圍攻擊

  • Fixed inappropriate VO playing when the G3 are killed in the second phase of the Trial.
  • 修正復仇法則二階段殺掉G3後不合適的VO playing(意味不明..知道的請於chat告知3Q)

  • Fixed the Spira sticking out of its holster when a player switches between weapons.
  • 修正玩家切換武器時Spira(旋刃飛刀)刺穿了他的槍套

  • Fixed the extraction timer overlapping objective titles in Hive Missions.
  • 修正清巢任務的脫離倒數時間與任務目標重疊在一起

  • Fixed the Piercing Step Mod not properly displaying the Puncture symbol in the Arsenal stats screen.
  • 修正穿刺步伐MOD的說明內顯示不是穿刺的圖案

  • Fixed an issue causing players sitting on a black screen for an extended period when loading into Missions on Uranus.
  • 修正天王星讀圖時玩家會出現一段時間的黑螢幕

  • Fixed an issue causing Excalibur to load at the end of a Mission as per: https://forums.warfr...ding-a-mission/
  • 修正於任務結束的某個瞬間機體會變成Excalibur

  • Fixed the Synoid Simulor not properly creating a vortex when used with Hall of Mirrors as a Client as per: https://forums.warfr...-mirage-clones/
  • 修正客戶端使用Mirage 1拿Synoid Simulor(蘇達主武)時無法正常形成漩渦

  • Fixed an issue causing players to enter a T-pose when spamming the crouch button.
  • 修正猛按蹲下鈕會造成人物變成T字人

  • Fixed players being unable to use the Invite Player button after joining a Mission from a relay while in a squad, after a Host Migration.  
  • 修正在中繼站經過主機遷移後玩家在隊伍中無法使用"邀請玩家"按鈕

  • Fixed channeling FX appearing in the Arsenal.
  • 修正軍械庫顯示充能特效

  • Fixed Valkyr’s Ripline showing as castable with 0 Energy.
  • 修正Valkyr 1在能量0的時候顯示可以施放

  • Fixed VO not properly triggering in the Hidden Messages Quest.
  • 修正於被隱藏的訊息任務中VO不會被正確的觸發

  • Fixed an issue preventing secondary weapon fire to work when bound to a gamepad face button.
  • 修正當使用手把時副武器開不了槍的問題

  • Fixed Lephantis rewarding each player four sigils on death, instead of one.
  • 修正殺掉遺跡王每個玩家都會收到紋章而不是一個人

  • Fixed Clan rank names not being saved after exiting Clan Management.
  • 修正離開氏族控制台後氏族階級不會被儲存

  • Fixed Cernos not sitting properly on players backs.
  • 修正Cernos不適當地擺在玩家的背後

  • Fixed the Arcade Machine and Cascade Bomb appearing in the Enemies section of the Codex.
  • 修正法典儀器和串接炸彈顯示在敵人資料庫

  • Fixed Ember’s Fire Blast damage FX not properly dissipating.
  • 修正Ember 3的傷害特效不正確地消散

  • Fixed the collision box of excavators in Excavation Missions unintentionally blocking player fire.
  • 修正挖掘任務的挖掘機會意外地檔住玩家的攻擊

  • Fixed a rare issue causing players to spawn in underwater Missions at start without Archwing.
  • 修正玩家偶爾在水下出生的時候會沒有裝備Archwing

  • Fixed an issue causing improper pathing for the objective marker in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • 修正Grineer水下地形玩家到標記目標的路徑不正確的問題

  • Fixed a location on the Grineer Settlement tileset where players could trigger an out-of-bounds teleport while in-bounds.
  • 修正Grineer沙漠地形中玩家可能會觸發傳到地圖外的問題

  • Fixed Spy Missions not failing if a player is using a hacking console when the Data Purge timer reaches zero.
  • 修正間諜任務中當控制台倒數到零若玩家使用破解器則不會失敗

  • Fixed some Conclave Sigils’ glow FX not properly covering the Sigil as per:https://forums.warfr...ers-pvp-sigils/
  • 修正武形徽章發光的地方被切掉的問題

  • Fixed the Hallowed Reckoning Augment Mod activating on all hits instead of kills as per: https://forums.warfr...verpowered-bug/
  • 修正Oberon 4集團擊中就觸發而不是打死觸發

  • Fixed Clients not being damaged by full charged bombs in the Law of Retribution Trial.
  • 修正於復仇法則客戶端不會受到氘電池的爆炸傷害

  • Fixed the Lotus not properly communicating with players in Grineer vs Corpus Invasions as per: https://forums.warfr...sions-since-16/
  • 修正在Grineer vs Corpus入侵中Lotus變啞巴的問題

  • Fixed launcher-style weapons being able to equip the Rifle Ammo Mutation Mod instead of the Sniper Ammo Mutation mod.
  • 修正榴彈類武器能夠裝備步槍彈藥轉換而不是狙擊槍彈藥轉換

  • Fixed Nullifier bubbles not properly stopping Nova’s Molecular Prime, Rhino’s Stomp or Frost’s Abilities.
  • 修正虛能的泡泡不能阻擋Nova 4, Rhino 4或者Frost的技能

  • Fixed an issue preventing Arcanes from activating during Archwing Missions.
  • 修正在Archwing任務中賦能效果不能被觸發

  • Fixed muzzle flash on the Akbolto using the wrong energy color.
  • 修正Mesa 2集團在Akbolto上會有不正確的能量顏色

  • Fixed Sentinels appearing to be the wrong rank in end-mission stats if it is dead at the end of a Mission.
  • 修正守護在任務中爆掉後會在任務結算畫面會顯示錯誤的等級

  • Fixed the radial blast from ground attacks displaying at an incorrect angle.
  • 修正攻擊地面所產生爆炸範顯示的角度不正確

  • Fixed Equinox’s Maim doing damage to the player when deactivated on a Rampart.
  • 修正Equinox從Grineer砲塔下來後開白晝4會對玩家造成傷害

  • Fixed a visible hole in the near waterfalls on the Earth Forest tileset.
  • 修正地球森林中靠近瀑布的地方會有一個可以見的洞

  • Fixed some performance issues in Hive Missions due to higher-than-normal enemy spawning.
  • 修正清巢任務中會有比平常更高的出怪率所造成的效能問題

  • Fixed the player’s body disappearing when switching between Archwings in the Arsenal.
  • 修正軍械庫中切換Archwings會造成玩家身體不見的問題

  • Fixed running animations moving too quickly when moving on a zipline.
  • 修正在繩索上跑酷的動畫會太快的問題


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